Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), a leading university in Spain is the single Spanish Technical University that features in all the world University rankings. UPV participates through CMT – Clean Mobility & Thermofluids which endeavour is to develop and improve sustainable propulsion systems for transportation applications. Within the MEAsureD project, UPV/CMT collaborates in WP2 and WP4 by developing advanced modelling frameworks for heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles and by producing relevant data to develop Accelerated Stress Test representative of heavy-duty vehicle applications.

Meet Prof. Dr. Jesús Benajes, UPV project manager. He holds a Full Professor position in the CMT – Clean Mobility & Thermofluids research institute. His research is mainly focused on the improvement of propulsion systems for transportation applications to maximize performance and minimize their environmental impact. His expertise is backed by the participation and management of more than 50 R&D projects and the participation in more than 120 scientific publications.

Meet Prof. Dr. Ricardo Novella, researcher from UPV. He is a Full Professor in the CMT – Clean Mobility & Thermofluids research institute, where he focuses his research on the study of advanced powertrain systems for mobility applications. His expertise comprises the analysis of the energy-conversion processes in the new-generation internal combustion engines and fuel cells for transportation applications. Prof. Novella has vast experience participating in more than 50 projects funded by public institutions or by top industry companies, with over 100 publications in top-quality scientific journals.

Meet Asst. Prof. Dr. Marcos López Juárez, researcher from UPV. He holds an Assistant Professor position in the CMT – Clean Mobility & Thermofluids research institute. His research is focused on the optimization of fuel cell technologies for transportation applications in terms of performance, durability and environmental impact. He obtained his Ph.D. in the field of hydrogen fuel cell propulsion systems optimization and is developing his research in the frame of several public and private funded projects at the regional, national and international levels.