Advanced MEAs ensuring high-efficiency HDV



Our goal at MEAsureD is to enhance the performance and lifespan of HT-MEAs for heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) by combining experimental approaches and simulations/modelling. This will involve developing and optimizing MEA components to improve the overall system performance of fuel cells. We are specifically focusing on utilizing HT-PEMs as the best scientific direction for the HDV industry by developing the ion-pair concept beyond the current State-of-the-Art (SoA) and achieving key performance indicators (KPIs) of the specific call. Our consortium, led by the MEA manufacturer Advent and composed of experts in fuel cell technology, aims to link HT-PEM with HDV applications. Based on Advent’s expertise in MEA development, we will tune up all necessary technical aspects to deliver an advanced MEA with high-end potential, based on cost and environmental analysis, specifically for the HDV sector. Our parallel actions in experimental and theoretical research will target to improve MEAs durability and performance. Our overall objective is to demonstrate a cost-effective MEA that operates in higher temperatures (>160 oC) and has high performance.