MEA-focused project MEAsureD aims to enhance high-temperature membrane electrode assemblies (HT-MEAs) for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) by integrating experimental methods with simulations. The goal is to advance understanding and prediction, ultimately enhancing HT-MEA performance and lifespan. MEAsureD prioritizes HT-proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology over LT-PEM, aiming to surpass current standards by refining the ion-pair concept and meeting key performance indicators (KPIs) for HDVs.

The project, led by Advent, forms a consortium of fuel cell technology experts to connect HT-PEM with HDV applications. Leveraging Advent’s expertise, the focus is on fine-tuning technical aspects to deliver a top-tier MEA tailored for the HDV sector, considering both cost and environmental impact. Through a combination of experimental and theoretical research, MEAsureD aims to enhance MEA durability and performance, showcasing a high-performing MEA capable of operating at temperatures exceeding 160°C, while remaining cost-effective.

Meet our MEAsureD Coordinator, Dr. Christos Chochos, the Director of R&D at Advent Technologies. He holds a PhD in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Patras and is an expert with a vast knowledge in Membrane Development. Additionally, he has extensive experience in coordinating EU projects. His responsibilities include overseeing the progress of the entire project, managing experimental aspects, coordinating project management activities, assessing the environmental impact of the project, and overseeing the PCDE of the project.

Introducing Dr. Fotis Kamatsos, the project manager of the MEAsureD project. He holds a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from NKUA, specializing in Catalyst Synthesis for photochemical and electrochemical hydrogen evolution. His responsibilities extend beyond project management. He leads our Environmental Study efforts, ensuring our advancements align with sustainable practices and minimize environmental impact. Additionally, Dr. Kamatsos is also working for our Dissemination, Communication, and Exploitation Activities, bridging the gap between cutting-edge research and real-world application.

Meet Dr. Nikolaos Theodoropoulos, Senior Engineer at Advent Technologies. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Patras, specializing in turbines. With extensive experience and expertise in the field of fuel cells, he oversees the testing of newly developed MEAs within the project. Dr. Theodoropoulos also manages the MEAsureD project at a technical level, ensuring harmonization of testing protocols among the partners.

Introducing Vasiliki Zogali, a Polymer (Synthetic) Chemist in the R&D Department in Advent Technologies. Vasiliki is also a PhD Candidate of UoP and has a strong background in Organic Synthesis. Currently, in Advent Technologies, she is working on polymer synthesis, qualifying materials developed to ensure compliance with industry standards, evaluating raw materials and processes and investigating scale up related problems.

Meet Antonis Akouros, a Materials Engineer. Antonis graduated from the Materials Science and Engineering from University of Ioannina and holds a master’s degree in Polymer Science and Technology from the university of Patras. His main research activities include nanomaterials characterization and thin film production. Now he is working at Advent Technologies, and he is responsible for novel polymer membrane fabrication and following strict SOP to secure the quality of the membranes.