Since 1993, Honeywell International s.r.o. is one of the major industry employers in the Czech Republic. Advanced Technology research centers in Prague and Brno represent over one third of Honeywell Aerospace research staff, including researchers and engineers in various technical domains spanning from general aerospace engineering, software, electrical and mechanical engineering, chemistry, system and safety engineering, applied mathematics and physics, up to psychology for human factors. Together, a wide range of technologies and products are developed, ranging from mechanical components, onboard avionics and control systems, communication systems, electro-mechanical actuators, MEMS technologies, power electronics, and Artificial Intelligence based solutions. Honeywell sites possess a wide set of test labs and simulators that allow staff to perform research and carry out validation tasks on almost every flying platform, from drones, over air taxis, helicopters, business jets, urban air mobility vehicles, commuters, regional aircraft, to long-range aircraft. Company is also involved in several European research programmes, such as SESAR, Clean Sky, Clean Aviation, Clean Hydrogen and Key Digital Technologies.

Bob Honzik is a senior R&D scientist at Honeywell. He holds PhD in Cybernetics and Informatics from Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic. He was involved in various projects related to avionics, air traffic management, flight planning, aircraft vertical profile optimization and most recently – fuel cells and their application in aviation.